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Dec 15

Still sexist in the valley? Marissa shows that to be true

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Valleywag writes about how she “married down”.

Why is that? They claim that he “buys and manages apartments for rich people, a business he somewhat brazenly dubs “private equity.” His business is called “Montara Capital Partners,” which makes him sound like a venture capitalist. He is also a lawyer, sort of, which is definitely several rungs down Silicon Valley’s social ladder.”

Doesn’t that sound so terrible? Mothers are known not to be proud of a child becoming a lawyer :/

This is so obviously sexist. If you turn it around, have you even seen the press talking about how Businessman X has married down because his fiance isn’t as successful as him. No. We never see that. No one expects that a mate do the same thing, or match themselves in the amount of money they make.

It is hard enough to find someone to spend your life with. If Marissa found someone flipping burgers at McDonalds, and they loved each other, congrats. Let along this chap who seems pretty successful to me too.

All this being said, you have to say that he has done quite well. Attractive, rich, powerful. Good luck to them!

And, it is much nicer to read these kind of articles on Marissa.

4 Responses to “Still sexist in the valley? Marissa shows that to be true”

  1. will_in_wi Says:

       /ˈsɛksɪzəm/ [sek-siz-uhm] –noun
    1. attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles.
    2. discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex, as in restricted job opportunities; esp., such discrimination directed against women.

    This isn’t sexism. This is evidence of social classes. I agree with your conclusion though.

  2. Nori Says:

    @will_in_wi: Yes, it’s quite clear-cut sexism, based on your definition #1. The “traditional stereotype of sexual roles” for women is to marry men more successful than them (and, in Marissa’s case, that’s going to be hard to do); and for men, to marry less-successful women. Since this isn’t the case here, Marissa’s being accused of “marrying down.” You’re going to have a hard time proving this isn’t sexist.

  3. Steph Liu Says:

    Well said — if they’re happy, they’re happy.

    Larry married a grad student and no one talked about him “marrying down.”

  4. wondering Says:

    so, Dion, why not focus on the positive articles, instead of highlighting the negative one, esp on a personal issue related to someone else (not even you)? Why drudge up negative feedback when its not needed? I’m sure she and her fiance can defend themselves and their own choices.

    …have to be honest with you, somewhere along the line you stopped focusing on software (which is very useful) and started to take on a politician’s role (which is occasionally annoying to read).

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