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Feb 14

Spanning Sync: iCal and Google Calendar

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I was ready to get frustrated. I wanted it all.

If an event is sent to my Gmail account I want to be able to just click ‘add it’ and see conflicts.

I want to have iCal up to date for offline / nice rich app use.

I want to be able to create events in iCal OR Google Calendar and for everyone to be happy.

I was ready to sigh and just have iCal as a read-only offline view, or to not use Google Calendar, when I stumbled on Spanning Sync which does the hard work to get true two-way syncing. It is still in beta (which is worrying with a tool that can nuke your data) but it is working nicely, and backups are happening frequently.

2 Responses to “Spanning Sync: iCal and Google Calendar”

  1. Ben Galbraith Says:

    Pretty cool little tool… nice that they use AppleScript to update the calendars

  2. replicahandbags Says:

    thanks for sharing

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