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Oct 07

Smarter Ads: AdBrite and Google’s new targeted placement

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We are seeing more and more innovation in the ad space. A couple of interesting examples out there are:


AdBrite changes the game with connecting the buyer and seller of ad space. Instead of having to have a dedicated sales staff, a seller can signup with AdBrite and say “If someone offers me $x / wk/month/whatever to put an add HERE, take it”.

Buyers can then browser around and find deals. “Ah, I want to advertise on that site, and $x seems fair”. They broker the deal through AdBrite, ads get put on your site and you get paid. Everyone is a winner!

Google’s new targetting ability

The Google AdWords team is getting in on the mix too.

They are testing a new ability for a buyer to pick, and target the placement of their adds like this example where you can get placement on askthebuilder.com.

So now there will be even more control on the ad placement.

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  1. John Says:


    We’ve just launched an Adbrite tips and advice site for advertisers and publishers. I think these two articles are useful for your visitors. Feel free to post portions of the content on your site as long as you give us a visible link back:



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