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Aug 27

SLF4J: Now you can do logging in Java… oh wait!

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Howard is saying so long, commons-logging, hello SLF4J.

I had to giggle a little bit here. When commons-logging came along to abstract your logger which abstracts your println (I know…. you CAN write an appender that sends you SMS messages and launches rockets) I thought “wow”.

Only the J2EE community would architect twelve levels of abstraction to handle a filtered logging system.

After years of use we realise that the last level of abstraction doesn’t do anything for you… but instead of just ignoring it, we have a new one!

The non-Apache follow on to commons-logging is SLF4J. It does things right: Logger, not Log. Better yet, Logger is an interface (it’s a class in Log4J) which makes my EasyMock-addled brain quite happy. Finally, SLF4J takes a very simple, very sane approach: you combine the API JAR with one of several implementation JARs. That’s it … no class loader magic, no dynamic binding. This is an ideal solution for those same 99.99999% of applications out there.

Maybe someone could write an abstraction layer on top of commoons-logging and SLF4J…. you know, so you could switch between then without changing the interface.

4 Responses to “SLF4J: Now you can do logging in Java… oh wait!”

  1. Arthur Blake Says:

    SLF4J does already come with two abstractions for interacting with commons logging– one jar that emulates commons logging and can completely replace the commons-logging jar and another one that sends it’s logging messages to commons logging as it’s target logging system.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I prefer to do all my logging to paper.

  3. Johhny Says:

    I prefer reading intelligent discussions.

  4. Marcel Says:

    It’s clear you have never tried to run commons-logging applications on WebSphere: there are event documented workarounds for this. ClassLoader tricks should not be part of any library that you might include in your applicatoin as the pain will come one day..

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