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Apr 07

sendMultiRefs with Axis 1.1 for .NET interop

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I mentioned in the past that we were having some problems talking to a third party service implemented in .NET.

We didn’t have control over anything on their side, and in fact were using their Java proxies (which were gen’d via Axis 1.1).

This meant that we were stuck in their RPC mode, instead of using the currently blessed document/message style.

One item that just breaks, is that .NET can’t handle multiRef’s, so to make sure you are being a good client do the following:

YourNameWebServiceLocator locator = new YourNameWebServiceLocator();

locator.getEngine().setOption(”sendMultiRefs”, Boolean.FALSE);

No more multiRefs. .NET is happy.

3 Responses to “sendMultiRefs with Axis 1.1 for .NET interop”

  1. chelsea Says:

    I’m newbie, and I want to know what difference between MultiRef=true and MultiRef=false, would you please give some SOAP message segments? thanks

  2. Bhaskar Says:

    very very helpful and accurate.
    you have solved my problem
    thanks a lot

  3. Dave H Says:

    It’s funny that SOAP was made to help apps talk to each other over different platforms, and that is where the main problem creeps in.

    Thanks very much, you saved me a lot of time.

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