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Oct 06

Ruby is trading in your wife for a younger model?

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Ted thinks that Ruby is a love affair.

He is close. I can see how it is like trading in your middle-age wife for a new younger model. However, I don’t think that in this scenario many are going back to their original partners.

It is probably more like we sometimes have to go back to see the mothers of our children, but it is a chore. We are thinking about our new partner even while we are with our old one (which DOES mean that we are better lovers in the old bed which is good).

There are always going to be other young models trying to get your attention, and even the old models are trying to do extreme makeovers to get us back there.

Or, maybe these are just languages? :)

4 Responses to “Ruby is trading in your wife for a younger model?”

  1. Lee Grey Says:

    Dude, don’t let your wife read this.

  2. Daniel Says:

    That’s one sick analogy you’ve got going there, however true it may be.

  3. hypocrites Says:

    lies, betrayal, stupidity

  4. hypocrites Says:


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