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Jan 08

Rise of the Guitars: Air and Traditional

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From walking around CES land, I was surprised to see the number of guitar related gadgets and electronics, obviously thanks to Guitar Hero. I wonder if kids are picking up the real guitar because of the game? If so, then a nice bridge would be the Ediface Digital Guitar Interface, which allows you to play guitar hero from a real guitar. It also comes with its own game that suites a full size guitar better. One the kids get a little bored with the 5 button version, maybe they will progress and keep the game alive with a true axe.

Ediface Guitar Interface

Or, maybe you want to go the other way, and join the most popular booth… the dood playing air guitar hero:

Air Guitar Hero

Now air guitar means something.

What is most bizarre is that both of the corporate websites for these devices have no information on them. Spend all that money to come to CES and now have anything on your site???? Are you kidding me?

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