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Jan 20

Richard Monson-Haefel proclaims JDOs death, but it is premature!

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RMH has proclaimed: The death knell: The JCP EC rejects JDO 2.0.

Although JDO 2 may not get voted through. It isn’t dead yet. All you have to do is look at the TSS thread to see how people feel about it.

I still have hope that some of the guys that voted ‘No’ (those who don’t have a real political motivation to kill JDO) will come around. I think there has been a mixup in the process, and people need to communicate better. It also didn’t help that this all happened over a winter holiday so, some people feel like they didn’t have the required time to feel like they could say ‘Yes’ (although I would prefer an abstain like Google).

I also think that RMH is wrong when he says:

I believe that the EJB 3.0 POJO persistence model will become pluggable so that you can choose your persistence provider separate from your J2EE vendor.

Take a look at the EJB 3 early draft. This is NOT in scope! The vendors claim that ‘users have not asked for this’ in EJB. I agree with RMH 100% that we SHOULD have a pluggable implementation of the persistence manager / entity manager / whatever it ends up being called in the final EJB 3. Without it we get the same lockin that we have now. JDO has allowed us the freedom to change implementations, and NOT be locked in like this, and it will be a sad day if we lose it. Sad enough to make some nice folks say ’screw it’ and pick up Ruby even more :)

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