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Apr 19

Rebirth: Cardinal to Pope Benedict XVI

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It is very surreal to watch the ancient ceremony involved in picking a new Pope. This is the first time that I have witnessed something like this, and it sure is an experience.

It is the closest spectacle that I have seen, that mirrors a true rebirth. Caterpillar to butterfly. Counselor to Emperor ;)

I wish him well, and I hope that he moves a little more to the center from his positions as a cardinal. He has a HUGE role to play, and I really hope we can move on from anti gay rhetoric. I pray for that.

3 Responses to “Rebirth: Cardinal to Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. PJ Hyett Says:

    He’s more conservative then John Paul, so you might wanna pray harder.

  2. Sri Says:

    A 78yr old?! You have to believe that this is just an interim step…

  3. Mark Says:

    Someone once said “Popes don’t change doctrine, they protect it”. I think that is true. What a lot of people see as “social issues” aren’t issues at all with regard to church doctrine. Doctrine in the church is considered more or less a constant.
    Changes in the social mores of US, or more broadly western culture are much more temporal.

    I think there is a huge clue in his statement (just before the conclave) that warns of the “dictatorship of relativism”.

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