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Apr 29

RE: WebSphere to Tomcat and Oracle to MySQL

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Matt has an interesting entry on WebSphere to Tomcat and Oracle to MySQL.

This is a very interesting trend. I think for many applications that it is going to continue to grow too.

Most applications are not enterprise applications. Don’t confuse “An application running within an enterprise” with “an enterprise large scale application”.

NASDAQ’s trading system is a large scale enterprise application.
The internal resume system within IBM is just a system that runs within a large enteprise.

For this, and other reasons (the new movement to lightweight containers, and TDD) we now find ourselves not needing the like of EJB. That is why I asked Are there many use cases for choosing JBoss Server?.

Although this makes sense from a technical standpoint, it is good to hear stories like, as this shows that management is getting it too. They are always behind… but it is good to hear that at least some of them don’t think they need EJB :)

Now we can get to “the simplest tool for the job”, and more complex projects will require more tools to help you out.

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