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Feb 16

RE: Understand AOP In 3 Easy Steps

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RMH has written Understand AOP In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Download Russell Miles’ Eclipse/AspectJ distribution
Step 2: Try out the simple “Hello World” example.
Step 3: View demos by Adrian Coyer.

I understand where he is going. If you try these, they don’t take long, and can maybe get you to ‘get it’. When that happens, grab a copy of AspectJ in Action and friends. There are more than 3 steps :)

Also, remember the beauty of the adoption curve with AOP. You can incrementally play with it, debug with it, write policies in it, test with it, and then get into the production side.

It is good to see RMH getting into the AOP world. He wrote The AOP Application Server. Although I can agree with some of the points, I don’t want people to get thinking “AOP == for App Servers”. It is more than interceptors ;)

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