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Oct 27

RE: My Very Own Bile on Java

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Joe Ottinger has got out a rant of his own (are you are St. Louis fan? jk :).

He rants about Java from all angles:

  • JVM: It sucks as it isn’t on every desktop
  • API: “The API sucks for a lot of reasons. It lacks real focus, often providing multiple paths to a single end; Swing or AWT? StringTokenizer or Scanner? Date or Calendar? DOM or SAX? Reader or InputStream?”
  • The People: He complains about some of the requests from Java users

I have an issue with some of the issues, mainly the complaints about changes to the Java language.


Embrace other languages. Embrace other ways to express your ideas. There is NO perfect language.

NOTE: Joe, I agree with your memory management issues. I think you are correct. I just singled out ONE point, that although Java the language doesn’t need to be changed for everyones whim, I wish that Sun thought of Java as more of a platform (as .NET does), and puts more behind other languages, which allow people to express themselves in a way that makes sense to them. That is all mate :)

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  1. Says:

    Dion: You missed my point.

    Dion Almaer responded, sort of, to my previous blog entry, and I think he’s incorrect.

    Mr. Almaer, with all due respect, I think you should try reading what I wrote, instead of responding sans understanding.

    While my initial point about the JVM

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