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Apr 19

Rails Recipes: Stuff you need

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If you have used Rails for non-trivial applications, you have probably run into a lot of “Hmm, what would be the best way to do this?” moments.

As soon as you tread off of the simple path, you need to think :)

Rails Recipes has been a saviour for a few of the items that I care about. The Wiki doesn’t cut it. A co-worker spent a few hours working on ideas from the Wiki. Then he cracked open Rails Recipes, found an exact solution, and it actually worked right away :)

The book is in beta form now, and will shortly be finished. I am sure there will be several versions in the future as Chad finds more and more useful ideas.

One Response to “Rails Recipes: Stuff you need”

  1. Jim Halberg Says:

    Had the book 24 hours and have implemented 2 of it’s recipes… can’t give it a much better recommendation than that!

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