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Dec 17

Project Ares: An awesome mobile web IDE built on the web

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I am so excited for the Ares team at Palm today as we launch Project Ares a web based IDE for the mobile web.

The full experience packs a lot into the browser: visual designer, code editor, visual debugger, log viewer, source code integration, drag and drop file upload, built-in app preview, and the ability to run your app directly in the emulator or even the device!

I talked more about the details on Ajaxian and the Ares site has more.

I am so jazzed to see this out there. At Mozilla we saw the Ares team building this great product that uses Bespin right now for the code editor, some of the server side, source control and debugger (the first sighting of Bespin debugger!)

The team has worked incredibly hard since then to build what you see now in public beta form.

This also shows how awesome the web platform it is. Because webOS builds on the web we are able to have features like the “preview” feature that shows you how your app will look without even having to go to the emulator or device.

The performance of the app says a lot too. It is incredibly responsive for me, especially since there are a lot of features packed in there. The layout system is really well thought out too and is a dream when you compare to CSS fun. I can’t wait to see what the community has to say about Ares, and I want to hear features that they would like. After using this, I want to be able to build all kinds of web apps from it ;)

I also want to say thanks to my Bespin team mates and community as well as the new friends I have made at Palm. Matt, Scott, Steve, Frankie…. you guys are awesome and it is amazing to see what you have done in short order!

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