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Jul 19

Poor old Wifi, especially at geek conferences

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Whenever you go to a geek conference you feel bad for the Wifi routers. You know they are going to get hammered. Now though, they are going to get the double whammy.

Instead of geeks coming in with just their laptops, a percentage of them will be coming in with their iPhones too. Auto-join the conference wifi and iPhones will be jumping for joy as they keep checking email.

It looks like Duke got hit hard.

At the iPhoneDevCamp we were asked “please go on EDGE” to mitigate this problem (running out of streams). I wonder if more Wifi providers will add annoying click through solutions? It was a rare day when wifi worked at a decent sized conference, and now it will get harder. At least iPhone doesn’t talk 802.11n/g so you can hope to jump on those bad boys.

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