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Nov 22

Paul on Web 2.0

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Paul Graham talks, people read and shout in praise or the opposite.

Everyone is getting on the “What is Web 2.0?” bandwagon, and it says a lot that we don’t really have the description in a nice little box. Maybe because it isn’t something that you can productize? It is a good marketing gimic to say:

I am Web 2.0: This means that I get it. I know how to do thh Web Right ™

In reality we are still like babies on the web in many ways, which makes it fun.

A bunch have people have been telling me that “here we go again, V.C. is putting money into dumb companies again. Bubble 2.0″.

VC’s may not be perfect, but don’t they get a bad rap some time?

I also laugh when people claim that VC’s are dumb, and were dumb back in the boom.

Of course they were not. THEY made their money. It is their job to get exits, and during the crazy IPO fever it was the retail guys that bought in!

I do love it when people say that Web 2.0 is about the users. That can only be a good thing for us.

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