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Apr 30

OSX Tiger RSS Screensaver

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I was wondering about anything really KILLER about the new Mac OSX Tiger. Lot’s of nice features, but nothing that really drew me in.

Now I see the ‘killer app’:

Tiger RSS Screen Saver


3 Responses to “OSX Tiger RSS Screensaver”

  1. Shawn Miller Says:

    NuParadigm’s Windows based RSS Screenaver v1.2 has been released. New features include the ability to display multiple feeds, support for various feed types (RSS, ATOM, RDF), and various other features.

    It’s a free download @ http://www.nuparadigm.com/Products/Toys/RssScreensaver

  2. Tiger l'Osmose Says:


    this tiger stuff rocks

  3. karl Says:

    on this site, you can see nfoClock Screensaver, Winter Realistic Screensaver, Rhodes Island Screensaver , ect.

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