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Oct 27

One-Legged Pants and One Big Slipper

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I just saw the ridiculous one legged pants:

One Legged Pants

This reminded me of The Big Slipper that Billy Connolly talked about in An Audience with Billy Connolly:

Have you seen the Big Slipper? I think these adverts are for people, who… that are in a section of the community, who don’t go anyplace. Who watch the telly all the time. You know, well, I suppose your trenchcoat, you can watch telly in your trenchcoat, if you like. It’s one big slipper, and you put your two feet in it, and you watch television. In your slipper. And each in the family can have a slipper each. I was always gonna buy two. I was gonna buy a pair, and leave them in the fireplace. When I’m going out at night, in case a burglar comes in. “my god, who lives here!” You can cheer the world up, by doing things like that.

Then Karl Pilkington showed his true intelect with talk on the same subject on the Ricky Gervais podcast:

3 Responses to “One-Legged Pants and One Big Slipper”

  1. Dan Hardiker Says:

    Also known as a long skirt?

  2. orcmid Says:

    Fascinating that the one-legged pants have sold out.

  3. RyanC Says:

    Unbelievable that they can repackage a friggin’ skirt to guys and sell out.

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