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Apr 14

One Laptop Per Child – One Python Programmer

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I was listening to Ivan Krstic talking about One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and all I could do was add up the number of laptops going out there with a view source button that teaches them Python.

Python 3000 better be good, as we will have millions of people writing code, all growing up as pythonistas.

You can check out the talk too:

6 Responses to “One Laptop Per Child – One Python Programmer”

  1. ix Says:

    no logo?

  2. barjak Says:

    no, but there is a squeak environnement, too.

  3. Pete Forde Says:

    We actually managed to get the guy who invented the new power supply for OLPC to sit still for a photo op:

  4. replicahandbags Says:

    it’s loading a bit slow

  5. replica handbags Says:


  6. sokubag Says:

    Good Idea, but I guess it will become true after 30 years in China.

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