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Sep 08

Nursery rhythms are all diferent in the US compared to the UK

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This is a friday post :) I had the pleasure of taking my son to swim lessons for the first time today.

At the event I was surrounded by Mom’s and kids, and since this is a baby lesson, we had to sing and play in the water.

Not only do I not know all of the songs used, those that I did find inthe back of my mind had different lyrics.


Hokey Pokey vs. Hokey Cokey (and we shake it around a lot more in england!)

Noble Duke of York vs. Grand Old Duke of York (come on, surely we are right on this one).

It was so fun to swim around with Sam though. I used to think “ah those poor parents having to do X when they want to go out partying”. Now I know that most of the time you would RATHER be playing with you kids than anything else!

5 Responses to “Nursery rhythms are all diferent in the US compared to the UK”

  1. Sumit Says:

    Even worse, the nursery rhymes in India (which are a leftover from the times under British occupation) are different still. For example, it’s “boogie woogie” for “hokey pokey”, and the lyrics are a bit different too. The more officious English schools insist on the pure British versions, while the other ones simplify as they go. So if you grew up in India and came over to the USA, you’re probably grappling with 3+ versions of the same nursery rhyme.

    Second you on enjoying playtime with kids.

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