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Nov 10

Not Wife Swap: Computer Swap

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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

It is always a touch sad when I have dreams that involve computers. The one that came to mind after I awoke after a short nap with Sam, was a TV show that I produced: Computer Swap.

The premise was that Linus, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates each spent time watching each other use their native worlds, and then had to switch it up and spend a week on a machine pimped by the other.

At the end they were hypnotized, and gave their honest replies to various questions about their likes and dislikes.

I am sure at least 4 or 5 geeks would watch!

2 Responses to “Not Wife Swap: Computer Swap”

  1. Scott Says:

    VCs invest in this idea, I would totally watch!!

  2. David Carrington Says:

    I just spent about 20 seconds looking for the link. That’ll teach me for skipping the opening sentence!

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