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Jul 10

No penalties. Please.

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To be honest, I didn’t like the World Cup that much this time around. There were so many matches in which I couldn’t choose a man of the match (even though the US TV wanted you to text in your choice 70 minutes through!).

I really wish a team couldn’t lose the final of the World Cup via penalties. It just doesn’t seem right.

What else could they do?

I think they should keep playing for a golden goal. Every 5 minutes a player has to come off, until it is keeper vs. keeper :)

Anything but penalties.

And why the hell did Zidane finish off like this. I can’t think of anything that someone could say that would make you do that, not even foul things that I have heard in Croatian.


Zidane Explains

2 Responses to “No penalties. Please.”

  1. Sony Mathew Says:

    I despised the penalties – even during the games when the referee seemingly gave’em out randomly.

    Can’t they just carry the Group & Points approach all the way through?

    Poor Zidane …

  2. Mark Denovich Says:

    Maybe rock/paper/scissors for the Cup? The penalty kick fish was sooooooooo lame. Maybe if one of the keepers had come close to actually blocking one, I might have had some interest in it.

    IMHO: The low point scoring nature of the game gives too much power to the refs. Scores off half-assed penalties decided the outcome in most of the games I watched.

    I’m not much of a fan of watching sport (I’d rather play it.) But I was trying to get in the spirit in prep for my move to England this September. This cup did nothing to change my attitude.

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