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May 04

New York Times Double Click: Feature or bug?

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A nice analyst friend pinged me about the NYTimes site and how if you double click on *any* word on the page a popup (not an inline div) comes along querying for that word.

That seems a little bizarre. It appears to be happening in the code for searching on an alt click. I wonder if they really wanted this feature? ;)


4 Responses to “New York Times Double Click: Feature or bug?”

  1. Torgeir Says:

    Feature or bug, it’s annoying as hell…

  2. Binil Says:

    Looks to be a feature, and a very annoying one at that!

  3. Jay Says:

    I thought it was just me… It’s a feature that’s so broad, it became a bug. This would make sense if you highlighted a word, and a context menu-item provided this feature.

    You don’t have to study Human Computer Interaction to know some users indiscriminately click on the screen while they read a document.

  4. Sotti Says:

    Serious bug. I constantly double-click on large documents to highlight where I am before I take a break from moving or do a rapid scroll. This website is BROKEN with a capital B in my opinion!

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