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Aug 02

NanoWeb: PicoContainer + Groovy = no XML again?

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Here we have another one in the “get me away from angle brackets” category.

Kris Thompson pointed to the Nice clean, dynamic MVC framework: NanoWeb.

NanoWeb is a simple and powerful dynamic MVC framework based on Java servlet technology,Groovy and NanoContainer. NanoWeb borrows many ideas from WebWork and Struts, most importantly the concepts of actions and views. Its main difference from these frameworks is that it is 100% dynamic and requires no configuration beyond mapping of to servlets in web.xml

Pelle Braendgaard wrote a nice introduction to NanoWeb, in which he walks you through a simple application.

I liked his quote after writing the Groovy action:

I am no Groovy expert. As a matter of fact this was my first attempt at groovy and I have no idea what I

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