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Feb 17

My Google Maps

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Google Maps has innovated a little after their initial release (hybrid maps, local, etc) but I have been hoping for more.

One thing that I miss from the Yahoo! side is that I can’t tell Google where I live, or other important addresses.

If I type in:

123 Main St

I want Google Maps to assume that I mean in my location, and not make me type in the city and state every time.

Is that too much to ask?

Browsers go a good job on remembering my locations, so it isn’t too bad when I have to get driving directions from home as I can type the first few keys and hunt for my address, but I want more.

Time for GreaseMonkey.

One Response to “My Google Maps”

  1. PJ Hyett Says:

    Wayfaring tries it’s best to guess your location (ok, just city) based upon your IP, so if a little site like us can do it, I would imagine Google could as well ;-)

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