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Apr 06

Move over SWT… Swing is finally usable :)

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Sam Pullara has written about how Eclipse needs to switch to Swing before SWT really gets out of hand.

I totally agree with Sam here. Once upon a time Swing/AWT really sucked. It was painful to work with, looked awful, and ran dog slow.

That time has passed. It is really hard to change peoples minds on this matter… so if you fall under that camp and YOU THINK SWING IS SLOW then please take some time to try it out again and you will be impressed.

Just talk to the IntelliJ guys if you want more proof.

3 Responses to “Move over SWT… Swing is finally usable :)”

  1. Cedric Says:

    Sure: WebLogic Workshop :-)

  2. Jason Says:

    how about Limewire? it’s consistent on many platforms, has alot of complex controls going on, and is very responsive.

  3. JONATHAN Says:

    we need more performance parts for the forenza…. engine , turbo everithing who has to be with performance !!!!

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