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Dec 29

Move over Jobs, we Geared you up! :)

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I was a touch surprised to read that Gears came in as #1 in the 25 most innovative products of the year.

Even more surprising was the fact that we pushed the iPhone down to number 2. Really? The phone that everyone is raving about? that is “changing the industry”? vs. a browser plugin?

Well, on the one hand, these top ten lists are a load of crap of course, and don’t mean much at all.

On the other hand, maybe they saw the potential for upgrading the Web. The potential is really what I see when I look at Gears. The hope for a better Web. We need help from the entire Web developer community, and beyond.

It turns out they really just saw “offline” == Gears, but that will change in 2008. Here is to the future.

Congrats to Aaron, Chris, Scott, Mike, Othman, and the entire Gears team.

2 Responses to “Move over Jobs, we Geared you up! :)”

  1. Brad Neuberg Says:

    Dion, I think you forgot to close one of the link tags. The link is running through the full text.

    Happy new year! See you next week (and next year).

    I really shouldn’t be surfing the net on a Saturday…. do you know where I can purchase a life? :)


  2. Srikanth Ramu Says:

    Congrats to the Gears Team!!

    - Srikanth Ramu

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