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Apr 12

Maven 2 on the right track…

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Matt Raible thinks that Maven 2 is looking good.

He says that he doesn’t like Maven 1, and from the entry it is due to:

  • Speed (on his Mac)
  • Transitive dependencies (lack off)
  • Local Jar Files????

I don’t notice the speed difference between maven and ant on my powerbook or DELL. Well, I do notice it if I do a full clean on a huge build. But that takes for ever on both :)

Maven 2 has transitive dependencies, which is really nice. However, apart from the initial painful setup, it hasn’t been THAT big a deal for me.

I don’t really get the local jar thing. I guess Matt could just go into maven.jar.override mode, but why you would wnat to checkin copies of jar files is beyond me. Whenever I do a search on someones computer and see 56 struts.jar files I cringe.

More power to you :)

2 Responses to “Maven 2 on the right track…”

  1. Bruce Snyder Says:

    Raible’s a crybaby. He complains too much.

  2. Dion Says:

    Mwhahaha, so you got home ok Bruce?

    Btw, thanks a lot for helping out in the talk. It was really nice to have you there.


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