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Aug 24

London Olympics 2012. Poor buggers.

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London Olympics 2012

As the Olympics comes to a close, I remember seeing the frolics of the opening ceremony, and thinking about how the London contingent must have felt as they are reminded “oh yeah, we are following China.”

To think that London will be mainly hosting in the beauty that is Stratford and the like. I hope the workers are getting paid overtime to make it happen!

China was a coming out. An East meets West. London needs a mission too. If you can look past the infrastructure issues, and how the M25 and Tube will explode, there is a lot going for it. Having the tennis happen at Wimbledon, and some footy at Old Trafford and Wembly, and using other great sites. That could be impressive.

Also, we are lucky that shows such as X-Factor, Pop Idol, and “Brits have some got talent somewhere” will be able to find the two kids to make a different. The cute one to lip sync, and the other one who can actually sing.

London 2012

Can’t wait to be there for London 2012. It has got to be better than the logo!

Athens was returning to the roots, to the country that invented the Olympic Games. China was the most populous country in the world.

London is the capital city of the country that has invented modern sport, that has invented the rules of the sports, and the values of fair play.

It is a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic and multi-religious city and that’s something they can build on.

6 Responses to “London Olympics 2012. Poor buggers.”

  1. Attila Says:

    Here’s Charles Stross’ tongue-in-cheek suggestion for a new sport in London for 2012:

  2. notinlondon Says:

    Its Londons problem, not the rest of the country’s why is the UK tax payer haveing to pay for the games not all but will end up with a big bill, but we can’t afford to pay for cancer drugs something very wrong there, also why is it Team GB, and not team UK.

  3. Steve Rose Says:

    I hope the government in London can improve its human rights record and admit mass murder of people in Northern Ireland. I also hope London can respect the minority rights and grant full autonomy to Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Gibraltar, Wales and Scotland.

    As the world watches, we demand the government respect its promises when the game was awarded to London.

  4. sean Says:

    Forget about the cyborg made for TV Olympics, Barcelona and Sydney especially are the benchmark games, most of the infrastructure is already there, the issue for London is transport, last year 15.2 foriegn tourists visited London, I cant see how an extra 12k on top in athletes and another half a million coming to see the events will hardly impact..

    Reading between the lines, I think London got 2012 as it was more focused on the IOCs mission to promote sports and not citys and countries. Paris got this very wrong and the IOC had an advanced sense of the the beijing money no object, hard on model, and sees London at the counter model.

  5. Marketing Network Says:

    Nice Comics!
    Mr. Coe must have really a lot of things to do after China closure. And I expect the same, London Olympics have to be better than the logo!

  6. ezish Says:

    Here is my blog about olympic closing ceremony.

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