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Jun 08

Listen to Geir: Persisting Problems

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I just saw Geir Magnusson Jr. and Jeremy Boynes entry discussing the problem that we have with persistence at this moment of time.

I have personally written about this before here, here, and here.

But back to the blog from Geir and Jeremy. The go through the problem at hand, and notice that we all want the same thing:

Give me a transparent persistence API

It looks like we can agree on that. So then the next question is how do we get to that path.

It seems like a no-brainer to me that we should use JDO 2.0 to get there, but I am of course biased. JDO shouldn’t only be in J2EE, it should be in J2SE in my opinion. You know, sometimes I want to access a data source WITHOUT being in an enterprise environment! I definitely want to do this without having to have an EJB container.

It is great to hear this from some of the Apache guys, and I look forward to us all coming together to work on the same problem. If we got in the same room we would find out that having blue eyes or brown eyes don’t matter. We both see.

Persisting Problems

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