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Jul 25

Lisp on Lines takes on Ruby on Rails

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In the “what can we learn from Rails and bring to our environment” camp, we see Lisp on Lines.

Now you can go crazy with the Meta Object Protocol and Lisp away!

Your entire web app is just a bit of ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) )

5 Responses to “Lisp on Lines takes on Ruby on Rails”

  1. Doug Says:

    Dude, you’ve got too many rparens. ;-)

  2. Dave Says:

    Looks like they spent so much time typing (’s and )’s that they didn’t have any time left to format this as html.

    I will take a DHH movie over this anyday!

  3. Drew Crampsie Says:

    I am the author of lisp-on-lines, and i’ve never used Ruby (or Rails). The name is a clever(?) double entendre, and the system is based on CPS (using UncommonWeb) and generic presentation objects.

    I just wanted to mention that it is not ‘borrowed’ from Rails.. i’ve been working on the design since at least 2001, and released early versions before i’d even heard of rails.

    If you are looking for Rails , but in Lisp… this is not it. If you are already fluent in Lisp, then perhaps you may want to take a look.

    If you are the authors of the previous comments on this blog, this is not for you. Trust me.

  4. kyaw kyaw naing Says:

    I have been researching Ruby and Lisp for a few months, on and off.
    Just a few mins ago, i followed links via Google to Lisp-on-lines. I found a mess, compared to Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Ant, Ruby, Rails.

    How can you lease such a mess on the public, even though we are non-paying public. Trust me i wont use Lisp -on-lines in wnhatever version.
    I like Lisp, but not the Lispers.

  5. generic synthroid Says:


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