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Feb 28

Lisa Awards: Most Original Name for a New Language

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Lisa Awards: Most Original Name for a New Language

You have the originally named languages of A, B, and the popular C. Then Bjarne Stroustrup gets clever and goes for C++. Anders comes along with C# and adds the musical touch.

Walter Bright creates a language that “originates as a re-engineering of C++, but even though it is predominantly influenced by that language, it is not a variant of C++. D has redesigned some C++ features and has been influenced by concepts used in other programming languages, such as Java, C# and Eiffel.”

Walter then named the language …. D.

Other entrants are of course E, and the very new Arc.

What about the other awards?

Got some ideas for awards you would give?

3 Responses to “Lisa Awards: Most Original Name for a New Language”

  1. Raphaël Valyi Says:

    Actually I think the worst thing about 1 letter language name is that you can’t Google after a solution. I mean it just damn so easy to google “ordered map java” (you’ll find the Linked Map, what you would expect), compare this with googling “ordered map d” or even “ordered map d language”. You should be fucking stupid to brand a new concept that you can’t even Google for. Same critic for the R project. Please folks, never do that again!

    Raphaël Valyi.

  2. Brian O'Neill Says:

    The most over hyped use of Linux in a project. And the winner is the OLPC!


    The worst corporate changing of an acronym. To Sun Microsystems for LAMP to SAMP!


    The best OS upgrade of the year. To Microsoft for their great work in gaining speed, reliability, and compatibility in their upgrade to the ill fated “Windows Vista”… “Windows XP”. Users are ecstatic that Microsoft was able to release such a remarkable upgrade to Vista in such a short period of time.

  3. Eugene Kuleshov Says:

    ..and there is already E.

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