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May 04

JDO vs. EJB 3

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The ballot results for the JDO 2.0 spec are in.

Although the spec passed, there was some significant “No Votes” from IBM, BEA, and Oracle.

They made comments to the effect of:

“There is no room for JDO anymore. EJB 3 is your new persistence model”

Personally, I just want a nice transparent persistence standard. I guess if EJB 3 does a better job than JDO does…. good for them. However, logically, it seems to make more sense that:

JDO: Defines a specification for transparent persistence.
EJB: Define enterprise cross-cutting concerns, using existing specifications where possible.

I think everyone would have been better served in this model. The JDO model allows for persistence without EJB. One of the use cases there is JDO on devices. Are we going to start to see EJB for mobile phones?

JDO has a lot of smart people, who have spent a lot of time on these problems. It is almost a little arrogant to say “we don’t need you”. Why not involve some of these people in the process?

Oh well, time will show us the story. As long as we actually get transparent persistence!

2 Responses to “JDO vs. EJB 3”

  1. Dion Says:

    I think there is definitely room for a standard around transparent persistence, and that is what JDO is trying to do.

    Hibernate is a great tool, but it isn’t the ONLY good tool out there. It has kinks too. An implementation of JDO like Solarmetric Kodo is superior in some ways, and not in others. Choice is good :)


  2. guy Says:

    In what ways are each superior to eachother?

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