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Mar 14

JDO still not dead

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JDO 2 has been voted through.

Not dead after all (in the JCP eyes at least ;)

Even Hani voted yes (with one No Vote from JBoss)

2 Responses to “JDO still not dead”

  1. Michael Gloegl Says:

    The way I read that page JBoss did not vote at all. I can’t find a “No” there anyway.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    JDO has been dead for quite some time. JDO is now a legacy technology and is very unlikely to be used in the future by people not already using JDO. (and I’ve seen nothing but migration to JPA now) Since this really is just a spec between the few remaining legacy vendors until everyone migrates to JPA, there is very little point in pushing this through the JCP EC. It seems the EC is more interested in rubber stamping than they are with the quality and necessity of specs.

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