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Aug 18

JDO 2.0 Kickoff Meeting Success

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I had the pleasure of being part of the JDO 2.0 kickoff meeting in D.C. last week. Since this meeting was a pre-JCP thing, everything that was done/said is public, and hence I could release a report on the meeting.

The report discusses the feel of the meeting, and goes into details on the technology that is going to try to get into JDO 2.0.

For example,

- JDO/R: O/R mapping standardization
- Query updates: Enhanced JDOQL, SQL support, named queries and more.
- Detach/Attach API

As the report states, I was very impressed by how the meeting went. The vendors were not acting against eachother, but rather together. Four of them got together in a sub-group to work on the O/R mapping side of things, and worked into the night on it, giving eachother a lot of insight into their own systems. I am very excited about JDO 2.0 now.

TSS Discussion of JDO 2.0: Lot’s of changes discussed at the kickoff meeting

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