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Dec 24

Interviewing Brian McCallister on Ning, OpenSocial, and Apache Shindig

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Steve Yegge just talked about X programmers in his latest rant:

But you should take anything a “Java programmer” tells you with a hefty grain of salt, because an “X programmer”, for any value of X, is a weak player. You have to cross-train to be a decent athlete these days. Programmers need to be fluent in multiple languages with fundamentally different “character” before they can make truly informed design decisions.

When I think about the opposite of the weak player, I think of Brian McCallister. He seems to thrive in many languages. He tinkers in Ruby. Builds a platform in Java. And, even plays a little with PHP. And then he is off playing with Scala, Erlang, LISP, Haskell, etc etc etc.

I always enjoy meeting up at a conference, and now that we live in the same hood, I feel like we should get together more. It is fun to run into each other at the Palo Alto farmers market after all :)

Anyway, when I saw that Brian had proposed Apache Shindig as an open source OpenSocial incubator, I knew that I should get together and have a chat with him.

This interview is the result of that conversation:

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