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May 22

Imagine getting interviewed on something you know nothing about

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The BBC managed to interview the wrong guy on the Apple Corp vs. Apple Computer lawsuit.

Guy Kewney, a white, bearded technology expert was astonished to see himself appear on screen as a black man with an apparent French accent.
The BBC were interviewing “Experts” on the Apple Corps vs Apple Computers legal case. They called for the “Expert” a Mr Guy Kewney, but a Mr Guy Goma raised his hand. A mic was attached and he was put live in the studio to answer questions.

He was a cab driver waiting for job interview.


One Response to “Imagine getting interviewed on something you know nothing about”

  1. Daniel Berger Says:

    People comment on things they know nothing about all the time. How is this any different? :-P

    Besides, it might be kind of fun to hear a cab drivers opinion on the subject. :)

    - Dan

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