Google Developer Podcast: First Episode on Guice Ruby on Rails: To Scale or Not to Scale
May 15

I’m a Ruby on Rails

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You know that the Mac ad campaign is doing well when you get parodies left right and center.

The latest is Rails vs. Java.

It is of course gratuitous and silly…. but it’s fun :)

5 Responses to “I’m a Ruby on Rails”

  1. DeWitt Clinton Says:

    Really well done! Do you know those guys?

  2. Eugene Kuleshov Says:

    Hey! If they won’t behave, we’ll put them into a jar too. :-)

  3. arndcht Says:

    You are the ruby, who is the rails :)
    A great make, should digg this to the diggs video section :)

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  4. aynecoleman Says:

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  5. aynecoleman Says:

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