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Mar 06

I now get YouTube

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I like the odd YouTube funny video as much as the next guy. Russell Peters is great, and I have tickets to see his show in a few months. The Facebook parady is classic. Vader is a smart ass and he really gets the blues, but really? How many videos are viewed a second???

Having a kid that is old enough to grok the computer was all I needed to work it out. Sam can watch these shorts again and again. That is a ton of views. The fact that anything you can think of is on there, that is where it comes in. Sam sees something interesting in the street / on TV / at a friends / anywhere in fact, and I can bring it up for him. Disney may drive me nuts with their freaking vault, but I can unlock it with YouTube.

Now, I get it.

One Response to “I now get YouTube”

  1. Matt Raible Says:

    So true. Jack and I watched “Train Wrecks” for a good 30 minutes the other day.

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