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Dec 18

Holy Diggbait

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I wish you could -1 on digg when I see bait such as this (which I am reluctant to even link to, or talk about).

Yakov is spot on I am sure. The Google engineers are working on taking out the Ajax features as we speak, and we will all be forced to use the base HTML version. Everyone will rejoice.

And, if Yakov isn’t going to switch to Rails, then it surely “won’t make it” (whatever that means).

2 Responses to “Holy Diggbait”

  1. Paul Barry Says:

    My hope for 2007 is to see a lot of the people who left Java for rails move onto to grails. I think grails has a long way to go before people are ready for that.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    http://www.ikonmac.com http://www.unison.com.cn

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