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Dec 22

Happy Festivus

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With the idiot Bill O’Reilly jumping on the “war on christmas”, I now resort to only withing people a Happy Festivus.

Here’s to you Constanza!

Have you got your aluminium pole ready?

3 Responses to “Happy Festivus”

  1. santa Says:

    I wanna with you a merry chrithmath,
    a merry chrithmath, a merry christhmath
    I wanna with you…

  2. John Says:

    I am sure Bill O. will be jumping all over Festivus now. It is part of the war on Christmas. Festivus is for the rest of us. If you have never heard of Festivus then visit It is cool to see that other people celebrate it.

    Happy Festivus

  3. Diana Says:

    What is Festiuvs? Its for the rest of us.

    Happy Festivus!

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