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May 21

Guitar Hero Karaoke Band 2.0

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I ended up at the BBC in Menlo Park the other day, and was surprised to see karaoke.

The brave folk who went on stage were stereotypes of the art. We had the biker girl who kept going up with Annie Lennox songs…. and you got the feeling that she would look at the song and think “Oh yeah I totally know that one” and then on stage would find out “Oh, I really only know the chorus”.

Then we had the Sarah Jessica Parker character from The Jerk, who kept reaching back to grab her leg. All is forgiven though, as she was the one person who could actually sing, and she worked the crowd well too.

Others followed, such as the guy with the wedding ring, who we had bets on either:

  • He is a consulting geek here by himself
  • His wife is a nurse and is working nights

Karaoke is fun. Some people really enjoy it. As I sat there watching it I realised that someone is going to make some money when they create Guitar Hero Karaoke Band 2.0 which will be a mashup of (yes I used mashup in a normal sentence… doesn’t that feel as bad as “no-brainer”?):

  • Karaoke: Let people sing
  • Guitar Hero: Let someone jam on the guitar
  • The Entire Band: Add drums, keyboards, and hell…. the tambourine, triangle, and recorder too if people want it
  • Let people at the bar vote on the people
  • Network the bars, and have a pyramid scheme
  • The top of the pyramid scheme is an american idol like tv show. But, you are the judges, not Simon (for the entire process, not just the final 32)
  • Add Japanese style rooms where you can do this with mates, and choose to go public
  • Upload it all to YouTube

6 Responses to “Guitar Hero Karaoke Band 2.0”

  1. Craig S. Cottingham Says:

    Huh? Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t in The Jerk; she was only 14 when it came out. However, she *was* in L.A. Story with Steve Martin. Bernadette Peters, on the other hand, was the female lead in The Jerk, and her hair was IIRC somewhat SJP-ish in style.

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  6. replicahandbags Says:

    i thought only asians like Karaoke,seems i was wrong.

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