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Dec 17

“Guess who’s back, back again.”

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Marc is too young to sit back and play golf (XBox 360 that is), and he has put his hat back in the ring. Well, maybe not his entire hat, but rather a small part of his Beret. He is now an advisor at Appcelerator, an RIA company that came out of the consulting world:

So let’s go, I will be helping with as much visibility as I can bring them, mainly PR and this blog. They will need visibility. I am helping with messaging a bit, I am helping with the business model a bit but really all I do is listen to them and what they do and then repeat to them what they told me.

That has worked already. I did a quick search and we have never covered them on Ajaxian. Marc himself says that the market is crowded. This is a different time compared to EJBoss, when he was the first real guy on the block. Having to spin Appcelerator as some sort of better open source is going to be harder. It is one thing to compare to Adobe and Microsoft, but there are many others who have been fighting the good fight wrt open source and the Open Web as a whole.

Welcome back Marc. I hope to not see any astroturf on Ajaxian (water under the bridge) ;)

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