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Mar 27

Groovy ideas coming from all directions

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James talked about some cool new things from the Groovy world in: Using Groovy XmlRpc to talk to Confluence, NanoWeb, Groovy-Ant (Gravy!) and more.

If you are on the groovy list you start to see interesting thoughts popup on a daily basis. With this little JVM based dynamic language, people are able to re-visit their views on a number of things, and are coming up with new ideas.

Of course not ALL of the ideas will be great, but there are a few interesting ones. Jon and I had some fun talking about what AOP-like things could make sense with a dynamic language, and have to play around with those.

I also really like the Gravy (Groovy+Ant) idea. Ant works very well in small projects when you just have to do the usual: javac, copy, jar.

However, it is very frustrating when you start to play cames with setting properties and having if=”…” in targets to get certain behaviour. I used to use a Perl build tool in a past life, and although you may laugh (oh god. Perl) it was very flexible, straightforward, and let you do the right thing. Sometimes you need to do things in your build that are totally suited to a scripting language…. and Groovy will take care of this for you.

I wonder what good ideas people will come up with next week….

Kudos to James for apologising for Jelly. It is OK to try new tech and see where it takes you! :)

3 Responses to “Groovy ideas coming from all directions”

  1. James Strachan Says:

    BTW remember talking about the need for a JDK 1.4 and JDK 1.5 capable open source library for annotations we can use for AOP stuff & for a new kind of XDoclet / container type stuff.

    Spookily hours later this thread started at Geronimo…

    Go JAM go!

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