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Jun 29

Google Microsoft and Yahoo!; Dare can’t see straight

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Musical Chairs

Dare is back to blogging, which I like to see. His latest piece though is about a so-called exodus of Googlers going to Microsoft.

NOTE: An exodus is:

a departure or emigration, usually of a large number of people

He notes a couple of blogs talking about a move, including Danny Thorpe and Sergey Solyanik. I am sure there are more, but an exodus is a bit rough. However, I could quite as easily discuss the number of Microsoft, Yahoo!, Apple (insert other companies) folks that I get to work with at Google. The problem is that this is meaningless. We are looking at the micro-level, through our lens working in our areas at our companies.

I am sure that in the coming week, there we will be some musical chairs at companies as large as ours. That is the way the world turns. Many people move on, they try new things, they want to work on something else etc. Especially in this day and age.

How about we get back to technology again, and look at the great work that all of these companies are doing. All the industry wants to talk about with respect to Yahoo! is some executives leaving. However, I have met with a lot of Yahoo! engineers in the last few weeks and they are working on exciting projects. Yahoo! has a LOT of users. They are a great company, born of the Web, and they never seem to get the credit their deserve. How many websites have you created with that many users? Phenomenal.

Dare, your company is doing great things too. I would be much more excited to hear more about that side of things, than employee counting. I would be much more excited to see our companies work together to progress the Web, as well as competing in various industries.

Enough SOAP opera, let’s give it a REST (sorry….). I normally don’t get into these kind of topics, but the general talk has been grating me recently, and I want to hear something fresh and new.

I have been playing with some Web technology and have been astonished at how far it has come in many ways. There is still a long way to go, and much we can all improve, but I am pretty jazzed about the technology whilst at the same time frustrated with the non-tech talk.

Maybe it is a time to get a bunch of engineers together and talk tech… maybe in Hawaii? Anyone in? :)

3 Responses to “Google Microsoft and Yahoo!; Dare can’t see straight”

  1. Atreya Srivathsan Says:

    Totally agree. Look at the news n all I get to see is attrition and layoffs. But no one talks about the recruitment. “IBM laid off 1200 college hires this year in India.” but no one mentioned that there were 10000 recruited!!! and the worse part – no one talks about what this industry is achieving. Only the advertising gimmicks succeed till the news for all wrong reasons. Rarely do I get to see papers remarking about the wonders of the new era. If you don’t like what you are doing, go hit on the accelerator and go ahead of the traffic to see how things can be different. cribs are for kids. You don’t like to work with Web Tech in Accenture, you won’t like it at IBM either. “The grass seems greener on the other side always”. Why don’t we use the time we are pissed off, to get together discuss and “BUILD”? The world might be moving fast, but the ground left to cover also increases with each new step. I wish there were a few sensible folks enthusiastic n energetic, working together.

  2. Dan Says:

    I’m down for a trip to Hawaii any day!

    You have a point, if everyone was less focused on their career paths and more focused on developing the web and technology, we would start making progress again.

    IT consulting

  3. Jay Says:

    “Enough SOAP opera, let’s give it a REST (sorry….).” Excellent.

    Agreed, let’s came down with grandiose terms. I think these are just people seeing opportunity at other tech-firms. Loyalty to one firm is not necessarily a virtue in the industry; at least not right now.

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