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Jun 01

Google Feedburner: I am really excited about this one

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The rumours have been out for awhile, but it is great to see that Google has bought FeedBurner.

I am actually really excited about this. There are so many natural fits:

  • Google Analytics – FeedBurner stats
  • Google Reader – FeedBurner
  • Blogger – FeedBurner: this is going to be really nice!
  • Ads – Ads

Congrats to the FeedBurner team, and welcome. I am now going to use FeedBurner for the Google Developer Podcast :)

5 Responses to “Google Feedburner: I am really excited about this one”

  1. aioiddy Says:

    totally vote for you, thanks for the post.
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  2. ix Says:

    what do you mean by natural fits? sounds more like merge conflicts and redundancy

  3. Floyd Marinescu Says:

    Wow, Google now either provides itself or owns via acquisitions – any online ad infrastructure service of any significance.

  4. shark12er Says:

    Thanks for uploading this, it gave me something to read on my lunch break.


  5. replicahandbags Says:

    i once knew google feeder only,thanks for your helpful info.

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