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May 31

Google Developer Day: The website using our tech

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I have been very much heads down for Google Developer Day.

We finally got to launch the website, which uses:

  • Google Maps API: Of course
  • Google AJAX Feed API: Showing blog entries on the location home page, and in a lightbox on the main page
  • Google Picasa API: Showing photos on the location pages
  • Google Spreadsheet Data API: We are using this as a pseudo database that people at the various locations use to control their site

There are fun hacks galore, such as using cron to update a google spreadsheet with the current time in various locations, and then accessing that spreadsheet from JavaScript to get the data.

The best part though, is the throbbing:

I want to say thanks to my partner in crime on this. Pamela Fox. She may be scared of PacMan, but she can sure hack JS :)

4 Responses to “Google Developer Day: The website using our tech”

  1. agogddy Says:

    very funny..thanks a lot for sharing
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  2. ahohddy Says:

    im just dropping by,nice post!
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  3. samantha9966 Says:

    I wish I’d been there, that looks sweet!


  4. shark12er Says:

    “enjoyed reading this ,thanks”

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