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May 18

Google Developer Day: Schedule Released, 2 Weeks Out

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Google Developer Day 2007 is two weeks away.

We have published the schedule for most of the countries, and I am excited for the event.

We have great talks around the world (and some of which will be available live on the web) such as:

  • Keynote by Jeff Huber, Vice President, Engineering
  • Building Better Ajax Applications
  • Extending Google SketchUp: A Developer’s View
  • Google Maps API Introduction
  • Intro to Google Data APIs: Mashing up Google Calendar, Spreadsheets and More
  • YouTube APIs: Where We Are and Where We’re Going
  • Google and the Geoweb
  • Enterprise Search APIs: Making Information Accessible at Work
  • The Google AJAX APIs
  • A Computing System for the World’s Information: A Look Behind the Scenes at Google
  • Mashups the Easy Way
  • KML on Earth – Advanced Topics
  • New Features in the Google Maps API
  • Fast, Beautiful, Easy: Pick Three — Building Web User Interfaces in the Java Programming Language with Google Web Toolkit
  • Testing Distributed Systems with AJAX, XML – Lessons Learned from Google Checkout
  • Making Maps Mashups Discoverable
  • Advanced Topics in Gdata
  • Google Desktop Gadgets – Access, Share and Personalize Information
  • Python Design Patterns
  • KML Search and Developing Maps Mashups Using KML/GeoRSS
  • Custom Search Engine – Google Search in Your Hands
  • Distribute Your Content With Universal Gadgets
  • Building Better AJAX Applications: Nuts & Bolts
  • Open Source Development
  • BBC Backstage
  • The GWT Bet: Google Web Toolkit
  • From Mashup to Business (

And this is just the half of it. The registration turn out has blown us all away, and now we just want May 31st to come around so we can get this community together.

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