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Oct 11

Google Delicious?

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Google now allows you to add tags to sites in your search history.

Hopefully they will:

  • Let you do this tagging directly from search results
  • Publish RSS feeds of your info
  • Publish RSS feeds of tags
  • Share your info
  • Rate + Tag
  • Search within my tagged data
  • Search within my blogs

I would love to do one click on a search result to say “i dig it”, and have it popup a line where I can put tag names and a short desc.

Then they have access to rating such as: “the user clicked on this after the search of Foo”, “The user activelly said he dug it and tagged it”.

This should all happen inline via Ajax of cos ;)

One Response to “Google Delicious?”

  1. saurier Says:

    You can search within your tagged data already. The syntax is: label:tagname searchterms

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