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Apr 11

Google App Recruiting Engine

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Google App Recruiting Engine

I have to admit, that as someone on the inside it is nice to see the Google App Engine out there as a way to show some of the way in which we do things, especially scale.

One big difference you will see is the lack of a RDBMS, and instead with Bigtable, you build models that you can do cool things with such as Expando. Being able to add data elements as you iterate is very nice indeed, and beats SQL land, even with migrations and such.

Now when a new engineer comes to Google, they won’t have to entirely swallow a big red pill, as they may have gobbled a little of it already.

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  1. Dr Nic Says:

    Heh, interesting perspective. “Here’s all our technologies for you to play with, and we can see all your code so we know if we want to hire you.” Nice!

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